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Training and Development

Every company and every employer want employees who can perform the job with the required efficiency and quality and with the right attitude. We believe that each person with disability can fulfill their potential and be an asset to the company. The goal of any employability training is to enable the candidate to achieve his potential. Based on the candidate’s skills, attitude and aptitude, Enable India will suggest the course which will be suitable for you.


Some candidates may be employable without the training. In such cases, the self learning course material maybe of use. Do contact us to get your copy.


Courses below are specific to different jobs or industry:


Career Centric Computer Training for visually impaired (CCCT):

Computer Training for the visually impaired is the greatest form of empowerment for them. It opens up the world to them: a world of information (aiding research, education, daily living, recreation), people, jobs, books (print to voice).





Need based computer training for visually impaired (NBCT):

Based on the need of the candidates, the computer training will be customised. This is generally done for candidates who need to upgrade their computer skills. This is also useful for those who are already employed and cannot attend the regular training.




Medical Transcription Course for visually impaired (MTVI):

Medical transcription is a process of documentation of patient’s history, diagnostic tests etc.This is a great field for visually impaired as the work involves in just listening and typing.




Cisco Certified Network Associate program for visually impaired (CCNA):

Curtin University, Australia in collaboration with EnAble India, Bangalore and NAB, New Delhi provides online Cisco Certified Network Associate program to help individuals develop the skills needed to fill ICT (Information & Communication Technology) positions in virtually every type of industry.





Employability for Hearing Impaired - BPO non voice Course:

This course involves learning about business process outsourcing, understanding terminology, developing the skills and attitude required for the job.





Employability for Manual/Unskilled jobs:

This course involves learning the discipline, attitude and ethics required for the jobs like housekeeping, helper and customer service attendant.





Employability for Technical Writer jobs:

This course involves learning various aspects of technical writing, like understanding a "product specifications document", making a marketing presentation, right usage of language, etc.


Life Skills training for visually impaired:

Life-skills training programme teaches candidates with visual impairment to develop their skills to live independently, build self-esteem and imbibe skills required in the social and professional world.