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Support for Parents

The parents of children who are visually impaired need a lot of support and counseling. To begin with,there is the shock and disbelief when they learn that their child is disadvantaged. The gradual acceptance of the situation is very painful and there is a desperate desire to blame somebody. Having someone non-judgmental to talk to, or knowing that there are people who canhelp their child live a “normal” life is an enormous relief for parents.

The objective of this program is to act as a resource or a “how-to” for parents of children who are visually impaired, so that they do not have to run from pillar to post to get information or services.


Ajay came to us at the age of 11. Till then he did not have any formal schooling. Ajay had difficulties in keeping pace with his everyday lessons taught in the school since he was dependent on his friends to give him notes. It was the hardwork and constant reinforcements put in by Ajay's parents that made Ajay learn Braille faster than usual, which in turn kept him up to date with his classroom lessons.

Our Services to Parents:

  • Counseling/Mentoring

  • Early intervention: We show the parents activities they can do with their child that will help the child stay on par with his/her peer group.

  • General intervention: We help the parents ensure that their child is able to keep up in the general education setting.

  • Braille: We teach the parent braille and show them how they can teach the same to the child.

  • Orientation and Mobility: We educate the parents on the concepts and skills their child is learning so that the same can be practiced at home and other settings.

  • Abacus: We show the parents how to work with their child on the Abacus

  • Resource Centre: Act as a resource of information for parents