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Latest from Training and Placement Cell

Accenture Collaborative training for the semi-skilled hearing impaired candidates  began on 17th October 2012. The method employed is the "Learn and Earn" model of training. In the initial 2 months, candidates will attend full day training and in the next 3 months, the candidates will attend 1/2 day training, and the other 1/2 of the day, they will be working in the company.

First module of training of Visually Impaired employees of SBI was successfully completed in the month of September. The 4-month training program was attended by 20 Visually Impaired employees of SBI from Karnataka and Hyderabad Circle. 19 of them are reported to be doing very well in their jobs after the training.

CTVI and Employability Training of the Trainers program  was successfully completed at New Delhi on 7th September 2012. The two-weeks training program was attended by 17 trainers, who came from different institutes in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, MP, Delhi and Dehradun.

Mphasis Collaborative training  came to a close on 12th August 2012. Out of the 19 candidates who attended the training, 13 got placed in Mphasis.

The Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) training program started on 4th September 2012. There are 35 candidates attending the training which is being held at the EnAble India training center.

The 4-month Accenture Collaborative Training programme for Hearing Impaired candidates which was held in ASVAS,Bangalore came to a close on 14th June 2012. A convocation was held for the 20 candidates who were trained on BPO sector. 

In collaboration with SAATH and VRC, EnAble India conducted a placement event in Ahmedabad on 25th Feb 2012. 28 candidates were successfully placed.

EnAble India in partnership with Technical Training Institute, Pune, held a capacity building programme for Computer Trainers of Persons with Vision Impairment from 20th Feb - 25th Feb 2012. This programme was launched to enhance the teaching methodologies of the trainers in various aspects like computer skills, personal development, employability etc.

A group of 5 EnAble India staff attended the Windmills Attitudinal Training Programme held at Mitrajyothi between 23rd Nov to 26th Nov 2011. Windmills is a high impact, attitudinal-training programme with objective to transform the attitudes and behaviors of employers/managers in order to effectively lead, manage and work with people with disabilities in the workplace.

Delhi AIF Training of Trainer Programme

In collaboration with AIF,  EnAble India conducted a training programme  for trainers of Persons with Disability in Delhi between 30th Nov - 4th Dec 2011. This training programme was attended by 41 trainers who came from different training organizations such as Aide at Action, NAB, Umeed, and so on.

EnAble India shared their teaching methodologies with the teachers of hearing impaired candidates in a training programme conducted by ERNET in Delhi. This programme which was held between 15th - 17th Nov 2011, was attended by around 20 candidates.

MPhasis collaborative training at Indore A collaborative training with MPhasis, "Project Communicate" is being held at Viklang Kalyan Sangh, Indore for tele caller  positions. The training which commenced on 23rd Nov 2011, is being attended by 21 candidates with physical disability.

 EnAble India gave manual training to hearing impaired people at a training programme held at Sarthak, Delhi on 18th - 19th Nov 2011. As many as 17 candidates underwent the 2-day training. 

A pre-employment life skills training  was held in Pune in the 1st week of November, between 8th Nov - 12th Nov 2011. The training programme was attended by 14 candidates. 

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