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Support Services


You / your family members can find a mentor at EnAble India to help you resolve job-related problems, get career and academic guidance, find workplace solutions and even resolve personal problems. Read more about mentoring services

Training Support:

If you are undergoing training at EnAble India, we may provide you with additional, need-based support such as:
  • Assistance in locating suitable PG accommodation (for outstation candidates)
  • Access to self-learning training material on request, for which you could Contact Us upon request.
Resource centre:

If you are a candidate registered with EnAble India, you can use our hardware, software and other resources for your educational and research needs. You will be allowed access to computers (based on availability) , the Internet, printers, scanners, Kurzweill software. JAWS screen reader, e-text books etc .

Mobility training for Visually Impaired:

EnAble India offers Mobility Training to visually impaired candidates to help them move around indoors and outdoors safely and with confidence.

Mobility Training includes,

  • Premises Orientation to understand the layout of living and working spaces
  • Trailing
  • Upper-lower body protection techniques using which a visually impaired person can walk safely indoors without a cane
  • Human guide techniques for taking any person's assistance while walking
  • Efficient navigation techniques using a white cane
Special classes:

If you are a student or are employed, and require specialized training in programming or in some specific software, we could arrange for our volunteers to help you.


Success Stories

"I am confident of travelling anywhere in the world alone now!", says Raghavendra who is visually impaired. Read Raghavendra's story