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Persons with disability


EnAble India offers a range of training, employment and support services for you. These are tailored to help you  acquire the right skills  and attitude  to find employment, succeed in the workplace and also deal with day-to-day problems and challenges with confidence.

Register with us and  help us understand your requirements  so that we offer  training , employment and support services best suited for you.

Workplace Solutions:
Find technology-based and other solutions  to overcome barriers at the workplace  and enhance your performance on the job.


Support Services:
Take the help of our mentors to make career choices; get access to research & reading material from our resource centre; get trained in mobility (if you are visually impaired). 

Training and Development:
Our training and development programmes are aimed at helping you acquire  the right skills for success at the workplace. Our Life Skills training  builds your confidence to face challenges  within and outside your workplace.


Jobs and Careers:
Understand more about what jobs you can do and how you can get one of your choice.

Success Stories:
True stories of  courage and perseverence which could inspire you


Success Stories

Arun Adhyam

Arun’s determination to work has opened up opportunities for him despite having Cerebral Palsy. Read Arun's story


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