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Children Services


Sighted and VI children learning together


Children Services at EnAble India focuses on the all-round development of children (birth – 18 years) who are visually impaired. The aim is to help these children achieve their educational goals and be independent in all walks of life.





Intervention Services:
Our intervention services for children and adolescents who are visually impaired (birth – 18 years of age) enable them to minimize developmental delays and achieve desired educational goals.

Read how our collaborations with schools and hospitals have improved our services and opened up opportunities to reach out to more children.


Teachers Training Workshop:
This workshop sensitizes teachers of visually impaired children about inclusive environment in schools.

Support for Parents:
We act as a resource or a “how-to” guide for parents of children who are visually impaired.


Success Stories:
Read case studies of parents and children who have availed our services.


Success Stories

Abdul is a class topper and is well ahead of his sighted peers. Read Abdul's story