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About Us


FoundersEnAble India Team


EnAble India is a registered charitable trust. (Registration No: 394/1999-2000).


EnAble India's mission is to empower persons with disability. The mission is founded on the firm belief that the disabled do not need sympathy - they need a supportive environment to grow and fulfil their needs, potential and dreams. 

EnAble India’s core activities are employment of people with disabilities, pre-employment services, supplemental education, counseling and support services, consultancy and training for other institutions and NGOs and technology services.


Persons with disability in India find it difficult to find employment. They are often not aware of the jobs available and nor are they prepared with the right education, skill sets or attitude. Most know little about the technical and other aids or methods they could use at the workplace to carry out a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. EnAble India trains and counsels persons with disability and prepares them to join the mainstream workforce as confident individuals.
Organizations in the private and public sector, barring a few, are unaware that persons with disability too possess the talent and commitment to be part of a productive workforce. There is also little awareness about the fact that the disabled can work efficiently in a variety of functions with the help of simple technology and other assistive aids. EnAble India works towards making people with disabilities a part of every corporate hiring plan. Families, the society at large and the government together need to create a strong supportive environment for persons with disability to help them grow into confident, independent and productive individuals. EnAble India is committed to dispelling both sympathy and apathy towards the disabled and building awareness for the creation of a supportive environment.


• To empower the disabled: visually, physically and hearing impaired.

• To enable the rehabilitation of people with disabilities through supplemental education, extensive training and providing assistive aids designed for daily living, education and for the work place.

• To enable employment for people with disabilities. This will help people with disabilities fulfil their potential by being part of the workforce and enjoying successful jobs and careers.

• To build the next generation of people with disabilities who are confident, assertive, smart and independent.


EnAble India was founded in 1999 by software engineers Shanti Raghavan & Dipesh Sutariya, who have known disability at close quarters within their family. After having successfully rehabilitated their loved one, they are now using their know-how & insights to empower others. Shanti and Dipesh bring a professional approach to social service, drawing from years of experience in the corporate world.



Job Openings in EnAble India 

EnAble India is hiring. To read about the job openings, click here.


Success Stories

Arun Adhyam

Arun’s determination to work has opened up opportunities for him despite having Cerebral Palsy. Read Arun's story