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Imagine a world without limits... Where the mind is set free...

Where there is inclusion... Where there is respect for what I can do...

Where there is belief in my ability... Where I stand proud and independent...

Let us work together to make it a reality!


  •   1,32,076 persons with disability across 11 disabilities, families, employees, leaders and community have been positively impacted by the work of EnAble India
  •   600 companies across 27 sectors, 48% of these companies hired severe and sensory disabled, 23% have hired over multiple years
  •   4500+ persons with disability gainfully employed across 11 disability. 26% females
  •   Scaling of employment via 272+ job roles opened up / developed for disabled. A job role opening up enables disabled to get job on their own or via other NGOs
  •   PWD are engaged in 70+ self employment activities
  •   Work has been across 359 locations in 28 states, 189 partner organizations, and stakeholders from 27 countries
  •   50+ Workplace solutions, each solution enables job roles, each possible job role opens up exponential job openings
  •   7+ innovations for scaling training, placements and independent living of persons with disability
  •   Rs. 1 Crore per person with disability is saved by PSUs with their inclusion as a productive employee
  •   87,000+ visitors to the open source collaborative platform for scaling livelihoods for PWD - Enable Academy (and Namma Vaani)
  •   Every 1 Rupee inflow has created an economic impact of 6.55 Rupees



SEOY India Award 2016 Shanti Raghavan and Dipesh Sutariya, Founder  and Co-Founder, EnAble India are the finalists  for the Social Entrepreneur of the Year(SEOY)  India Award 2016


The Best NGO award received from Smt.Umashree, Honourable Minister for Women and Child Development.

EnAble India has been granted a Special Consultative Status by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs(DESA)
EnAble India is representing India in the Workability Asia chapter

Enable India is the COE and TOT partner for Skill Council for PWD(NSDC/Skill India), and is on the governing council of ScPWD. 

EnAble India won the State Award for Outstanding Contribution in the area of Disability, on International Disabilities Day by the Government of Karnataka.
Shanti Raghavan, Founder Enable India received the National Association for the Blind, Sarojini Triloknath National level award at NAB Delhi on 1st Dec, 2015 for her service to persons with vision impairment over the years. In Shanti's words "This award is the collective effort of EnAble India team working for persons with vision impairment and not me alone. This award is dedicated to our candidates with vision impairment! Thanks a ton for your enthusiasm, your interest, your hard work. your naughty ways, your affection and love." 
Shanti Raghavan was featured in the 3rd edition of Women of Pure Wonder: Vision, Valour, Victory published by Roli Books, published in March 2016. Women of Pure Wonder celebrates the lives and journeys of sixty remarkable women who have met life's challenges with courage, and have emerged winners. 

We are accredited by Credibility Alliance under desirable norms.


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We are registered under FCRA and we have received foreign donations of more than Rs.1 crore till now.

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EnAble India's Social Audit Report

EnAble India conducted Social Audit of its Mission, Values, Objectives and Activities. Read the complete Social Audit Report.

To know more about Social Audit, visit http://www.socialauditnetwork.org.uk.

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