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EnAble India in newspapers:

The activities of EnAble India and some of its candidates' achievements have been covered by various newspapers. Here are a few of them: 

The Telegraph Feb, 2014

See Change, some restaurants have introduced menu cards in Braille or printed in large type faces to help the Visually Impaired, finds V. Kumara Swamy

"It was a pretty unique experience", recalls Moses Chowdary, who is visually impaired. "I didn't have to go there with friends or take the help of waiters for the menu.. And best of all was the feeling that somebody thought of us," says the 29 year old teacher at EnAble India, a Bangalore-based organization working towards empowering people with disabilities.

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New Indian Express 02 Dec, 2013

IIS: Stressing on Inclusivity at All Levels

Day one also saw a lively auction event that took place in the later half of the evening, which managed to raise 2.5 lakhs for Enable India, which will set up an academy that will enable persons with disability all over the country to achieve economic independence and dignity.

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Times of India 30 Nov, 2013

Summit helps disabled persons help themselves

VR Ferose, Senior VP, globalization services, SAP AG said, "Our project Prayas (which trains disabled people for jobs in SAP) will be scaled up Delhi, Coimbatore and Kashmir from this year. We're also building an e-learning platform with Enable India. We're also scaling up the Music Therapy School for kids with autism".

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The Hindu 12 Feb, 2012

Employment exchange for people with disabilities mooted

The summit has so far raised from corporates funds to the tune of 27 lakh. It will be used for implementing Enable India (an academy to enable the people with disabilities), Project Prayas (use of technology to aid the differently-abled) and Sampoorna Music Therapy School (music therapy for autistic children).

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The Alternative 27 July, 2011

Able to get a job, jobs for the disabled

"Protected instinctively in families, even simple things like fetching medicines at home is not something a person with disability gets to do.", says Shanti Raghavan, founder of EnAble India, an organization that trains and places persons with disability in companies. Students at EnAble India are encouraged to 'just go out there and do things' - from blowing balloons to volunteering with other NGOs, for the experience. 

Read the complete e-article in thealternative.in.


Deccan Herald, Student Edition 7 July, 2011

Instructors for visually impaired being trained

There wasn't any sign of that most of the eight persons walking with the white cane have any visual impairment. Yet they defied the distant clap of thunder and the whiff of rain in the air to walk at the park in Koramangala on Wednesday, holding a white cane and stopping frequently to get the instruction from the man in the front. 

Read the complete article published in Deccan Herald, Student Edition.


Deccan Chronicle 13 Jun, 2011

How a sister's love spread across the country

While helping her brother cope with a disability, Shanti realised that there were many people who needed empathy, and not sympathy. And it was this desire to help people with disabilities earn a decent living for themselves that led Shanti to give up her full-time job in an IT company and dedicate herself to EnAble India, an NGO founded by her.

Read the complete article published in Deccan Chronicle


Citizen Matters 16 Dec, 2010

EnAbling lives with employment

Excerpts from a recent conversation that Citizen Matters had with Shanti Raghavan (SR) and Dipesh Sutariya (DS), the enthusiastic, committed and unassuming co-founders of EnAble India. This 11 year old non-profit, NGO based in Koramangala is famous for its employment assistance services to those with mental, physical, visual and auditory challenges.

Read the complete article published in Citizen Matters


DNA 24 October, 2010

How to marry social impact and business, and win

Shanti Raghavan, Founder, Enable India, explained how passion for the cause is a vital catalyst, which would reduce the gap between the need and solution. Even during her corporate stints, right from her first job with Bell Labs, till she was working on GE aircraft engines, “everything mattered, every day counted,” she said.

Read the complete article published in DNA


Business World 28 July, 2010

Corporates are now hiring people with disabilities, but this step is just a small drop in the ocean.

“One big reason is high attrition rates,” says Shanti Raghavan, founder and managing trustee of Enable India, an agency that assists in finding suitable employment for the disabled. “Also, the demand now for skilled labour far outstrips the supply. So, these highgrowth sectors have no choice but to look for suitable employees, including the disabled.”

Read the complete article published in Business World


The Times of India 23 May, 2010

In the ten years of its practice, Enable India has placed about 900 individuals in companies like Accenture, IBM, Shell, Goldman Sachs, Dusters, Big Bazaar and others, finding them positions across the graph, from housekeepers to brewmasters, software engineers and quality analysts, although it must be noted that few managerial positions are open to the differently abled, even though roundly qualified and capable.

Read the complete article published in The Times of India





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