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Jobs and Careers

In the past few years, employment opportunities for persons with disability have increased. They are working in a variety of roles in organizations across the country. The subsections below talks about types of jobs persons with disability can take and preparations that needs to be made before taking up the job.

Types of Jobs for persons with disability

Job Preparation

Types of jobs for persons with disability:

Your educational qualifications, skill sets, aptitude and attitude will determine whether you are suitable for a skilled job, semi skilled job or a manual job.
Depending on the severity of your disability, you may find it more convenient to do a part-time job or work from home.
But before you begin seeking employment, you must follow certain steps as part of your job preparation. But if you already have work experience , you may be interested in knowing about prospects for career growth. Those of you who have developed a disability later in life, may want to know about the best career options available to you.The success of persons with disability in different types of roles, often depends upon the right workplace solutions , which will help them carry out their responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Jobs classified according to disability

Jobs classified according to nature of work

Jobs classified according to work-time options


Success Stories

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