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Collaborations and Services

Want to hire persons with disability? Our employer outreach program tells you “how”. If you already have employed persons with disability, our company services will tell you how we can collaborate to best include the persons with disability in the company.

Employer Outreach Program

Company Services

Employer Outreach Program:

The employer outreach program is a long term collaboration with companies to ensure placement and retention of persons with disability. Here's how it is done:

Creation of Job Opportunity
  • Profile job requirements
  • Providing business case for suitable jobs

We collaborate with companies to identify the types of jobs which can be performed by persons with disability. For the jobs identified, we work with the company and provide information on "how" the work would be carried out - i.e we provide information on the tools, accommodations, methods that would be used by the employee to accomplish the work.

Please see sample job analysis report

A visually impaired employee might use a walkman as a tool for noting down information while talking to customers on the phone. This will ensure accuracy and speed.

Training, Placement and Services to company

  • Provide awareness and sensitization for company employee
  • Provide assistance to create barrier free workplace for the disabled. Accessible training materials (in soft form, Braille or large font) for visually impaired, having Sign language interpreter during trainings for hearing impaired, having ramps for wheel chair users are some of the ways to make workplace accessible.
  • Provide workplace solutions/service to enable person with disability for employment
  • Provide collaborative training or need based training to get candidates employable

Post Placement Support

  • Periodic Reviews (separate reviews with employer and employee)
  • Consultancy
  • Queries/Troubleshooting
  • Need based Training for the employee

The post placement support ensures that there is review and feedback to help improve the placement process for persons with disability.


Case Study: 

Mphasis logo

Mphasis has more than 100 employees with disability

Read EnAble India - Mphasis story

Shanti at NASSCOM  

Shanti Raghavan at NASSCOM conference

Watch this video  that highlights the business case for hiring PWD presented at NASSCOM in Feb 2007 by Founder of EnAble India, Shanti Raghavan

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